About Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory

Who We Are

The concept of establishing an ISO 5 GMP-compliant Stem Cell Laboratory in Dubai, UAE was conceived back in 2019. It became a reality in 2022, and we are commencing our operations in 2023. Our vision is to become a pioneering stem cell banking and research facility, equipped with a cutting-edge molecular and genomics laboratory.


Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory proudly offers top-tier stem cell banking solutions for mothers and an extensive range of genetic testing services to assist healthcare professionals in selecting the most suitable genetic tests for their patients.

Our stem cell banking facility at Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory assures you of world-class storage and care for your valuable samples, with dedicated scientists overseeing the process.

In addition to being your trusted stem cell banking partner, Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory spans the fields of reproductive genomics, cytogenetic analysis, molecular pathology solutions, the latest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, and microbiome sequencing. Our comprehensive portfolio is crafted in-house at our laboratory in Dubai, UAE, and is available internationally. Get in touch with us to discover more about our solutions and how they can empower you to offer exceptional stem cell banking and genetic testing services.

Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory Vision

To become a pioneer in stem cell services including regenerative medicine, to provide various treatments using stem cell therapy.

Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality services in the fields of stem cell banking & regenerative medicine across the UAE and MENA region.



Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory Values